14th of October - 14th of November 2015

Work from wherever.


Do you work from home, a co-working space, or in coffee shops? Can you pretty much get by with a laptop and Skype? What's stopping you from working wherever you want? In October-November 2015, a group of us who work remotely are joining forces to spend one month working and living together in Curacao, The Dutch Antilles. It's neither a retreat nor a vacation, but a month long experiment in co-living and co-working a location independent lifestyle.

We will live and work pretty much like we do from home, except we will live on an island, in the Caribbean, with a badass community of our peers.


We are a diverse group — entrepreneurs, authors, Ph.D. candidates, independent consultants, yogis, and a couple people who just need a good sabbatical -- and we all strive to balance work and life and live to our fullest potential as global citizens.


The property is confirmed (all pictures below). Its a very spacious, high quality villa with private terraces, fresh wind and beautiful view over the Spanish water and typical Curacao nature.

We rent the full property. This includes both the main villa and the three apartments. Our group members will be the only guests. Every room is equipped with airconditioning and lockers.

All is centrally located and in close proximity to the trendy beaches of Jan Thiel, with its fine restaurants, bars and nightlife. The capital city of Willemstad, with its nice shops and several shopping malls, such as 'Riffort', 'Suikertuintje' and 'the Promenade ' are about 15 minutes away. The Resort is only 2 minutes away from the trendy Jan Thiel beaches such as 'Zanzibar', 'Papagayo Beach' and 'Mambo Beach'.

The property itself has a large pool and several terraces where the cool breeze is always there to cool you from the heat of the day. All rooms are two-person bedrooms and there is a dedicated work space in the villa. All with fast internet and wifi. Basically all the ingredients you can wish for to experience an amazing workation on Curacao.


It started on a deserted island in the caribbean, at 3am. Thirty friends had gathered from a dozen countries for a self-supported sailing trip in the virgin islands. We were around a two-story camp fire when we realized that a group of that size and variety could exponentially add value to our life, work, health, and hobbies.

We also realized that for many of us, we are able to work remotely, whether from home, a coffee shop, or a co-working space. In the U.S. alone, the number of people working from "home" is doubling in the next three years, rising from 34 to 64 million.

But why does "home" have to be a static place? What if we were able to pick up and join vibrant communities of people who live and work like we do? As they say, "home is where the heart (and wifi) is."

The connections made on that sailing trip were deeper than a typical holiday. We knew we wanted to continue creating environments that would bring international, like-minded folks together into a trusted community to work, live, and play to our fullest potential.

After our Bali trip, Curacao is our third adventure. Who knows where it goes from here.

The Organizers,

Michael Youngblood
Roger Heijsters
Tom Mazer


We want to make use of today's possibilities in technology and travel to catalyze meaningful experiences for people we care about. Surround yourself with amazing people and enjoy a work environment that is extremely inspiring and energizing. Get the things done, learn new things, dedicate yourself to a specific project or devote your time to do things differently.

Mission: People + Location + Conversation

We believe in the simplicity of putting thoughtful people together in amazing locations to have once-in-a-lifetime conversations and experience. We don't have an agenda or an ideology, just a passion for living our life to the fullest.

Below an impression of our experience on Bali.


We will check in on Wednesday, October 14th and check out on Saturday, November 14th. The total costs (not including airfare, transportation and food) will run $2,295 USD for a full month. We also have options for joining for a half month:

Full month - From 14th of October till 14th of November - $2295
Half month (first half) From 14th till 29th of October - $1350
Half month (second half) - From 30th of October till 14th of November - $1350

That includes the month long accommodations, drinks, snacks, fruit and extra amenities such as:

  • 33Mbps internet connection
  • A local SIM card with 2.5GB Data plan
  • Single Beds
  • Water, Coffee and Soda selection
  • Fruit
  • Snacks
  • Towels (one big and one small) and Bedding
  • Regular cleaning
  • Washing Machine
  • Air Conditioning in every room
  • Lockers in every room
  • Swimming Pool
  • A barbecue


Some details are better left for email. Apply to join by filling in the form below.


An impression of the island

The location


You probably have some questions. Here is a list of the most frequent ones.
Drop us a line at [email protected] if you want to know more!

Where exactly will we stay?

Curacao, a Caribbean island. The house is located at Jan Thiel, a neighbourhood with beautiful villa’s and near “Spanish Water”.

What's the internet situation?

The internet on the island is generally slow (5mb download is the norm), but we picked a location that has fast and reliable wifi. There is a steady 33Mbps wifi connection at the house. We are working with the most reliable and fastest provider of internet on the island.

What's included in the price?

Amazing and beautiful private housing (which is hard to find for a month), daily fresh fruit, snacks, drinks, SIM cards and cleaning services. A couple of cool boxes for on the beach. Peer-to-peer workshops. We are organizing group discounts for weekend trips (like diving, snorkeling and boating. We’ll also organize a couple of parties. We will also take care of all the housing and utility costs (drinking water bill, garbage, cleaning and tourist taxes). The internet will be upgraded for us and extra wifi points will be hung especially for our event.

What about transport?

Cars are pretty much the required need of transportation on the island. The complexity with insurance made it impossible for us to arrange cars for the group. For group events we will arrange transport and if people are interested in having their own car we can hook you up with a cheap local rental company. Taxi's are always an option. It is also possible to rent scooters.

What about food?

From our experience in Bali we have decided to have the food be organized by the group. This way we have plenty of variation, can take special diets into account and focus on the social aspect of food. Furthermore Curacao offers very nice restaurants, beach bars and more.

How is the climate during the event?

The weather throughout the year is pretty much the same. Temperature averages in Oct/Nov are between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius. Curaçao doesn't suffer the wrath of hurricane season. Curaçao's weather tends to be sunny even throughout the months that other Caribbean islands experience torrential rains. On average there are about 8 hours of sun every day.

What's the deposit for?

The deposit is used to reserve your spot and make a down payment on the house.

What's the deposit/payment process?

Based on our experience, want to keep the group small (approximately 20 people). Spots are limited as soon as you pay the deposit your place is reserved, first come first served. Payment information will be communicated via email.

Is it possible to stay for 2 weeks?

Yes, it'll take a little planning on our end and we're giving priority for the full month, but we should be able accommodate those who can only stay for only two weeks. Please indicate which two weeks you'd like to stay for in the sign up form.

What's our motivation in doing this?

We (the organizers) are not in this to make a profit. We are excited as everyone else to spend a month in Curacao living and working with incredible people. We know a lot of people signing up so far, so there's trust among us; however, if we don't know you, drop us a line and let's chat.

What's the work/fun balance going to be at the houses?

We’re aiming for a healthy balance of fun and responsibility. You will organize your own daily activities, peer-to-peer workshops, nights out on town, etc., and we will organize a few parties and networking/drinks. We prefer the 'work hard during weekdays, and play hard during weekends' mentality.

Like we did on our last trip, will post a set of “house rules” that people in that house agree on. Nearly all of us will be working during the days, so we will all respect work hours. We’ll designate quiet / meditation space and everyone will be aware that people are working during the day.

After all, the purpose of this trip is work/life balance, right?

What airport?

Curaçao International Airport (CUR). Houses will be on the east side of the island, 30 minutes from the airport. We’ll do our best to arrange a pick up.

The details and logistics Hangout

We will be having a Google Hangout for everything related to the 'Work from Curacao' trip on Wednesday 26th of August. 4PM Amsterdam time, 10AM New York Time. You will receive the Hangout link via email, or you can use this link. Did not leave your email yet? Subscribe to stay up to date via the form below. Bring all your questions with you :). We will also record the Hangout and share the playback link via the website afterwards.

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